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RiCreazione - The Contest
"Collazzone: a new development. Focus on the historic center and medieval walls"

The "RiCreazione" project has been developed in conjunction with the inauguration of the Italian Borghi’s year, presented at the conference "The enhancement of the natural, human, cultural and artistic heritage of the Italian Borghi (Villages)" in Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome, on 15th February 2017.

In accordance with the Italian 2017-2022 Strategic Tourism Plan, stating that the development of the villages has to offer a more sustainable and authentic tourist experience, the Foundation Nice To Meet You, under the patronage of the Collazzone Municipality, has decided to enhance and exploit the extraordinary heritage of our Country and work for a new to transformation of the village of Collazzone.

According to this goal,  NTMY Research has promoted a workshop in which students, scholars, professionals, interested in the Village redevelopment, will discuss and exchange their points of view, with the common aim of finding solutions aimed at the socio-economic and environmental regeneration of Collazzone.

NTMY Foundation announces this Call For Projects contest, with the aim of providing local institutions and public debate, project proposals, useful for raising awareness of environmental issues and functional redevelopment of the Village of Collazzone and its medieval walls.

Reserved to:
The competition is open to architects, planners, landscape architects and curators, agronomists and engineers enrolled in the professional Orders for less than five years; to students, recent graduates, artists and painters.
Participants can occur singly or in groups of maximum 3.

Scripts required:
Illustrative technical report containing texts, images, diagrams, graphs and sketches. Contained in a maximum number of 6-sided in UNI A4 format, other than the cover.
Number 1 or 2 tables in A1 format according to project needs, in portrait orientation.

Contest Prize:
1° classified € 1.000
2° classified € 500
3° classified € 300

Deadline for delivery: 18.00 on day 26 May 2017

Contacts and information requests:

Attachments (Italian version): 

Bando di Concorso: (file_extension_pdf)

Allegato A: (file_extension_pdf)

Allegato B: (file_extension_pdf)

Layout: (file_extension_pdf)

Piano Regolatore Generale - PRG: (file_extension_dwg)

Sistema Naturale: (file_extension_dwg)

Sistema Insediativo: (file_extension_dwg)

CTR: (file_extension_pdf)

CTR: (file_extension_dwg)

UTE: (file_extension_dwg)

PRG Collazzone - Cartografia (file_extension_zip)

Bibliografia: (file_extension_pdf)


Via Bellini, 6 - 06050 Collazzone (PG)

Partita IVA 03514230543
Codice Fiscale 94160310549

Iscrizione nel Registro delle Persone Giuridiche (Prefettura di Perugia) n. 1223/1224

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