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NTMY Works


Quality of work, Quality of life

The environment in which we work profoundly conditions our professional performance and quality of life. This is why we are focusing on the rediscovery of non-metropolitan areas, far away from the chaos of cities, as places congenial to the fullest expression of innovation and creativity, where it is possible to generate ideas that can be transformed into business opportunities.

It is our belief that the unexpressed richness of these locations can be skilfully discovered and placed at the service of a new economy, capable of generating the economic recovery of a social fabric which has suffered at the hand of economic and demographic trends of the past, an effective response to stimulations generated by innovative, border entrepreneurship.

All initiatives focus on favouring the development of people and economic contexts, insofar as they support the central role of participation, social and economic actions of stakeholders. They offer a broader development horizon for people who can live an existence to which they can attribute value.

Mankind has always appropriated works of previous generations, and changed them according to their own needs. NTMY Works intends to promote these places and their heritage, through generating virtuous cycles, congenial to the positive development of an entire territory's economy and sociality, grounded in respect for its environmental, social and anthropological complexity.


Evolved co-working: a driver for the creation of value

The working project implements the foundation's general mission.

"Sociality" and "contamination", as essential elements of the offered experience, and the integration of spaces within the urban context (with particular attention to social, economic and cultural consequences within the territory), are the two cornerstones of this initiative.

 “Nice To Meet You Works” bolsters its interactive capacity also through providing guests with strategic support (accelerators), according to their specific nature:

  • An evolved business relations network
  • Support in capital collection activities
  • Tax consultation
  • Legal consultation
  • IT consultation
  • Social Media Marketing consultation
  • Business finance consultation

Our operative model is based on the implementation of "MATCH”, an owned SW platform, through which companies can participate in the initiative, coordinated by NTMY, forging a "system" which enables easy access to available business accelerators.

In contrast with current trends, this projects enables the creation of a virtuous mechanism whereby the positive effects of environmental regeneration constitute the life blood of an overall economic regeneration, with multiplier effects on the increase of produced income, and therefore, the pursuit of a more general social generation, tout court.

NTMY Works #1: Collazzone

A small and suggestive town


Via Bellini, 6 - 06050 Collazzone (PG)

Partita IVA 03514230543
Codice Fiscale 94160310549

Iscrizione nel Registro delle Persone Giuridiche (Prefettura di Perugia) n. 1223/1224

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