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The Foundation

NTMY Foundation holds true to an idea.

It is possible to support a new model of life and welfare, capable of relaunching both the economic and human development of our territories. It is possible to support a new rebirth on a local basis”.

We intend to contribute, starting from a critical interpretation of past collective experiences: from the industrialisation of production, market globalisation to network dominion. Indeed we are convinced that careful interpretation of these phenomena, along with the recovery and implementation of any resulting positive aspects, constitutes a solid foundation for a new trajectory in the development of local economies.

Our model incorporates and surpasses material aspects of the economy. It is fulfilled through a further-reaching Model of Living, including work, nutrition, sport and culture.

Focus is on non-metropolitan territorial contexts, with different social, economic, institutional and cultural characteristics, onto which it is possible to graft the best policies for the expansion of empowerment and capabilities of local agents and social groups.

This is a historic phase, where quality of life and quality of working are becoming on the one hand an increasingly widespread need, and on the other hand, an increasingly rare commodity, especially in areas hardest hit by the economic crisis. Our project proposes a model oriented towards the contextual achievement of this dual objective.

If economic growth is a prerequisite in the creation of well-being, it is easy to understand how, especially over the last few decades, we have come to witness the progressive internal migration of populations, from non-metropolitan areas to large cities, which undoubtedly present greater work opportunities compared to small towns.

Currently in Italy only 16% of the population lives in low urban density areas (28% in the EU). This phenomenon has determined high levels of metropolitan concentration. However, this has occurred within the context of unregulated growth in urban peripheries, which often lack conditions for the development of minimum quality of life levels. Issues include: the aesthetic dimension, the intrinsic quality of urban structures, the depersonalisation of relations, scarce attention to non-economic components of development, or even problems with law and order.

On the opposite end of the scale we have non-metropolitan areas and small towns, with high potential in terms of quality standards of life, are grappling with specific structural difficulties which are limiting their development: depopulation, low birth rates, net outward migration, ageing populations, the weakening of public services and a digital divide.

Inverting this trend is our egg of Columbus. As we shall discuss in greater detail, all our initiatives are oriented towards this "mission", the promotion of peculiarities and numerous strong points of these areas, characterised by strong social cohesion, custodians of a very important part of our landscape, historic and artistic heritage, with the potential to host the crème de la crème of our production system.

NTMY Foundation is a participatory foundation (non-profit), founded on 30th March 2016, characterised in legal terms as follows:

  • the plurality of founders and participants in the initiative, through contributions useful to the achievement of purposes
  • active participation in management of both founders and participants
  • progressive formation of heritage


The construction of places where it is possible to live well and carry out profitable work

The areas of interest of NTMY Foundation are mostly technologically advanced, low industrialisation sectors and the service industries. It is also interested in aspects pertaining to the environment, culture, tourism and the third sector.

One of the foundation's key objectives is to work on territorial transversal clusters of micro and SME's, through mobilising potential endogenous, hidden and unused resources, activating mechanisms of proximity, trust, coordination and joint action, not only between businesses involved but also between public and institutional actors linked to the cluster, thus ensuring that the localised, completive advantage is fully exploited

Cooperation between all agents interested in improving a territory's economic and social well-being is a fundamental element for local development, and a valid means for achieving a common goal, promoting the resources of where you live. This entails: improving the quality and accessibility of foundation infrastructures, the coordination of tools to bolster micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, and access to financing for small and medium-scale businesses.


An integrated model for Local Regeneration and new perspectives for communities 

All NTMY Foundation initiatives are centred around the individual and take into consideration effective opportunities for conducting a full life, with full participation in the economic, social and cultural life of the community, and therefore as an active part of development processes.

In this sense, the objective of the model is to integrate and harmonise expectations for local GDP growth, along with more general human development requirements. On the one hand, through the creation of employment, reinforcing the ability to access markets, the installation of support mechanisms to reduce vulnerability to shock, and therefore improve income and capabilities for the territory's community in general. On the other hand, through embracing the centrality of people, with their own possibilities and daily decisions, constant attention to the life of individuals within specific, day-to-day contexts.


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Iscrizione nel Registro delle Persone Giuridiche (Prefettura di Perugia) n. 1223/1224

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