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We believe in education as a force for good.

Education is the single most powerful tool to empower future generations to drive positive development, overcome inequality and improve social mobility. NTMY’s goal is to promote education through scholarships, research and projects, to guarantee same opportunities for everyone and enhance their possibilities for change.

Our Mission? CUT THE GAP


Fondazione Nice To Meet You – All right reserved
Via Duca degli Abruzzi 4 – Collazzone (PG) – ITALY
Codice Fiscale: 94160310549 – Partita IVA: 03514230543

Board of Directors: Mauro Moretti, Barbara Roversi, Michele Prencipe, Leks de Boer
Managing Director: Barbara Roversi
Treasury Manager: Jackie Donnina
Founders: Mauro Moretti, Paolo Fogliani, Filippo Cruciani, Cassio Filippucci, Mauro Giuliani

This Foundation has been recognized by the Prefettura di Perugia through the registration in the Register of Legal Persons, general part at n. 1223, analytical part at n. 1224, on 2/05/2017.